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The Trapdoor is a mod for Amnesia: The Dark Descent by Frictional Games. You need to own a copy of Amnesia: The Dark Descent version 1.2 to play.

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Parental Guidance / Trigger Warning

Like Amnesia: TDD itself, The Trapdoor briefly deals with some adult themes. As well as the usual Amnesia fodder, this also includes brief references to domestic violence, misogynistic views and not-so-healthy sexual relationships. This is part of the story: the views of the character are not the views of the author. Remember that, like movies, books, etc., not all games are meant for kids to play.

Version 2.0 update info:
  • Fixed the issue with the looping voice-over when multiple pieces are sent up in the elevator. Thanks to Raghn Ryker and Bendigo for pointing this out.
  • Fixed the issue with Burke not prompting the player to look upstairs after the 4th feeding, and to look for the pages after the 5th feeding.
  • Fixed the issue with having to do another feeding to trigger the cutscene in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed the almost impossible to get note in Seperation Anxiety. Thanks to ThatCrazyShaman for pointing this out.
  • Reduced the likelihood of pigs sometimes getting stuck on the elevator gratings.
  • Increased the chance of specific voice-over lines playing in the end-game, suggested by ThatCrazyShaman.
  • Enhanced the page-turning sound between queued-up voice-overs, to make it more obvious where one note ends and the next one starts.
  • Tweaked the end game to make it harder to accidentally get the “game over” ending.
  • Thanks to Ashtoreth and ThatCrazyShaman for pointing out a couple of typos.
Version 1.3.2 update info:
  • Fixed the new gate in the secret area.
  • Fixed the issue of the cutscene playing at the wrong time (after death).
Version 1.3.1 update info:
  • Added the bat file back in which had somehow gone missing
Version 1.3 update info:
  • Added three new “Re-Play Modes”:
    • Separation Anxiety (harder)
    • Fool If You Dare (hardest)
    • My Little Boney: Friendship Is Madness (easy)
  • Fixed issue with Burke sometimes respawning away from Boney.
  • Fixed issue of sanity draining in new or designated “scary places” even when Boney is carried (suggested by SquishyTheTitan).
  • Improved speech queue – important lines (e.g. diary pages) cannot be skipped.
  • Boney has tweaked physics body and glows slightly in the dark.
  • Minor updates including: tweaks making some hard to find objects more obvious; momentos from the start; couple of puzzles and scares adjusted slightly.
Version 1.2 update info
  • You are no longer allowed to go downstairs unless you have Boney with you in the first instance. This is to help people out who have not yet realised the importance of Boney at that point.
  • At least one player reported that they respawned inside the flashback after death. Added checkpoints and autosaves immediately before and after the flashback to ensure this doesn’t happen.
  • Changed the end-of-game death-hints and added end credits.
  • Tweaked the coffin-bridge puzzle to allow for more variation and possible solutions.
  • Changed the default loading screen and added text to the map loading screens.
  • Added a fix for players who somehow get trapped in the elevators.
Version 1.1 update info
  • Fixed bug that caused you to get stuck in the flashback cut-scene in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed the batch file and installation instructions so that they now work on both the Steam and “redist” versions. Thanks to prenz and DnALANGE for suggesting the fix.
  • Minor updates including: fine tuned the amount of insanity monologue (muttering) and split up voice-over into smaller files and shorter subtitles, based on feedback from DnALANGE; fixed a few broken subtitles and typos here and there.
Licence info

This game is called “The Trapdoor”. The cartoon which inspired parts of its story is called “The Trap Door”. The copyright to “The Trap Door” cartoon remains the property of Terry Brain of CMTB Animation, Charlie Mills of Queensgate Productions Ltd or whoever now owns it. “The Trapdoor” is intended as a homage to the cartoon and as such was made without licence from the cartoon’s copyright owners. It is not intended to appear as licensed or cannon. “The Trap Door” cartoon is a seminal piece of work that I love. If you enjoy it, please search online and buy a legitimate copy.

Creative Commons Licence The Trapdoor by Aetheric Games is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, subject to licensing for Amnesia: The Dark Descent by Frictional Games.

That basically means you can freely distribute The Trapdoor as long as you clearly show that it is by Aetheric Games and provide a link back to this site, as long as you don’t make any money from it, as long as you don’t edit, remix or extract anything from it and, most importantly, you and anyone who downloads it owns a copy of Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Aetheric Games supports Let’s Players. You have my permission to make video recordings of my games, to edit and provide commentary on the recordings, and to distribute and/or monetise the recordings, so long you don’t break any of the rules above and you don’t misrepresent the games, and as long as this continues to be allowed by Frictional Games, the makers and copyright holders of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which is the case at the time of writing. I will be more than happy to assist any LPer in any way possible, just get in touch.